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Popular Styles Of Glasses For Absinthe

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Pernod Etched Absinthe Glass


With US legalization of Absinthe in 2007 came a new interest in absinthe and its accessories – particularly different styles of absinthe glasses.

Undoubtedly, you’ve been trying to make sense of the different terminology used to describe the various styles of glasses for absinthe available today.

Here, we will help you understand the purpose and function of today’s glasses for absinthe.



Crystal Absinthe Glasses

One of the most popular styles of absinthe glasses are those made from crystal. Crystal absinthe glasses can be difficult to find and are often more expensive than their plain glass counterparts. Crystal stemware is made stronger by adding a metal to the glass. This allows the glass to be thin and light-weight yet very durable.

Absinthe Glass – Molded vs Blown

When choosing an absinthe glass, you’ll decide whether to buy a blown or molded glass. Molded glass is heavier, thicker and less expensive than blown and will generally hold up better for frequent or commercial use.

The more delicate blown glass is much lighter in weight and thinner than molded and is usually more expensive. As they are more delicate, blown glasses for commercial use should be carefully considered as hand washing may be required.

There is a type of blown crystal available for absinthe glasses made with boron, a transition metal, called borosilicate. Borosilicate crystal is lighter and thinner than blown glass and is extremely strong due to the boron trioxide used in its production. It is the same type of glass used to make laboratory glassware.

Borosilicate crystal is also used to make some absinthe fountains. This is by far the best type of all-glass absinthe fountain available.

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Molded And Blown Absinthe Glasses

Absinthe Glass – Reservoir vs Dose Line

Another consideration when choosing your glass is whether you prefer a dose line or bubble reservoir style. The Reservoir or Dose Line is used to approximate how much absinthe you use to prepare your drink. You fill the glass to the dose line (or fill the reservoir) with absinthe and then fill the remainder of the glass with water.

The reservoir or dose line is only a suggestion as to how much absinthe to add. Some absintheurs will prefer more and some less absinthe. In my experience, dose lines and reservoirs provide an accurate absinthe to water ratio and are a great way to measure your absinthe. They are also good for comparing different absinthe brands as you can easily measure the same amount of alcohol each time. Below are popular styles of dose line and reservoir glasses. Reservoir Glasses – Top Row, Dose Line Glasses – Bottom Row

Reservoir vs Dose Line For Absinthe Glasses

Absinthe Glasses Summary

-You can classify absinthe glasses into four basic categories. There are molded glasses, blown glasses, reservoir glasses and dose line glasses.

-The type of glass you choose will depend on how you will be using the glass. Molded glass is best if the glasses will be used frequently or handled roughly. Blown glass is more delicate and often reserved for special occasions.

If you want a blown glass with the strength of a molded glass, look for one made a borosilicate crystal.

​-When deciding between a reservoir or dose line glass, keep in mind that neither is required but having a glass with a built-in measuring device will make it very convenient to mix individual drinks.

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